March 2022 - The Great Outdoors

I had so much fun putting this month's box together. This time of year is perfect for picnics and there are so many amazing products now to make your outdoor get together an easy eco-conscious experience. 

I really, really wanted to include a picnic rug of some description and it took some digging to find an Australian owned product that would fit the parameters and also the cost range of the box. Eventually my search led me to a small family owned business on the Gold Coast , Art Supplies and Home who have a range of these fantastic picnic/throw rugs. 

These generous sized (1.8 x 2m) BOHO style rugs are lightweight, plastic free,  machine washable and look great.

It's worth mentioning that they took up a lot more room in the boxes than I anticipated and it was a struggle to fit all of the products. But I managed. Just. Moving on...

Each Box contains two Ever Eco stainless steel 500ml tumblers. 

Sturdy and durable these cups are a practical alternative to glass or of course plastic and perfect for picnics, camping or travel. Made from premium grade 304 stainless steel with a brushed exterior and electropolished interior that won't retain or impart flavours. 

Of course you'll need cutlery for your picnic right? This Retro Kitchen Criss Cross Carry Your Own Cutlery set contains stainless steel fork, knife, spoon, straw, straw cleaning brush and even chop sticks, so no matter the cuisine, you're covered. The cutlery comes inside a washable pouch inside a handy metal carry case. 

We don't want to take everything home to wash up do we? That's why I've included a 5 pack of these Areca Nut Leaf plates from Eco Soul Life

These plates are disposable but are still quite sturdy. They are made from the naturally fallen leaves of the Areca Nut tree. Fallen leaves are collected, washed then put through a high heat mould press to give them their shape. They are then UV sterilised before packaging. Best of all these plates are home compostable in under 13 weeks!

Time for the Deluxe Box additions!

Have you ever taken wine glasses on a picnic and been paranoid the whole time about putting them down because you just know that they're destined to fall over in an instant? Steady Sticks are here to save the day. 

Steady Sticks are the original wine glass holders for picnics. Invented by a clever Aussie, these wine glass holders simply push into the ground to hold any stemmed wine glass.

Less spillage, more fun!

Lastly this month is this Perfect Potion Outdoor Body Spray. 

Who can enjoy the great outdoors when there are mozzies and other insects buzzing around trying to join the fun? Now you can protect yourself with this DEET free, 100% natural proven effective blend of essential oils that repels mosquitos.  My family has been using this for a while now and I can personally attest to it's effectiveness which is why I'm so excited to introduce this great product to you. 

And that's it for another value packed Simple Swaps Eco Box. 

Happy picnicking everyone!

Until next time

Kylie x

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