About Us

Hi, Kylie here. I'm the founder of Simple Swaps Eco Box and I just wanted to introduce myself and answer a couple of questions about how this business came to be.
For several years, I have been making small changes around my own home in order to try and be a bit more eco-conscious.  I wanted to do more but  it can be time consuming and a  bit overwhelming trying to decide what products would suit best. 
I knew there must be so many people out there just like me who have been wanting to make some changes but don't have the time to investigate all of the options and make a decision on which swaps would work best in their home.  Once my youngest child started school, I realised I now had the time to help others by doing all of that research for you.  And so Simple Swaps Eco Box was born.
Why a subscription box?  Because it just makes things easy. All you have to do is sign up and the rest is done for you. Plus, it's always exciting to know you're getting mail each month. Especially when it's going to help save the planet at the same time.
We don't all have to overhaul our whole life to make a difference. Small changes can have a such a big impact. So thanks for supporting me on this journey, the earth will thank you for it x